I Love Thursdays

Why not call in for a coffee after dropping off your children at school?

9.30 to 10.30 coffee will be served including toasted tea-cakes 

10.30 Half hour traditional service

Midweek Service

Can’t make it on a Sunday? Come to our Thursday service, held weekly at 10.30am.  Followed by coffee. Upcoming Services calendar here


Once a month we serve a 2 course meal plus refreshments for just £3.00. All are welcome.

Board Mates

If you or someone you know is BORED sitting alone at home, get them to come along and be a BOARDMATE and make new friends. Join us for fun, board games, cards and dominoes. Meets weekly, 2pm—4pm.  There is lots of laughter, (especially from the UNO table) and it’s so lovely to see and hear everyone having a good time. A big thank you goes to our “brewing up team” from everyone at Boardmates.



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